Southern Comfort

Regina Carter — Southern Comfort
Release date : Mar. 04, 2014
Label : Sony Masterworks

On Southern Comfort, Detroit native Regina Carter continues the investigation of her family history, which stems from West Africa, Finland, Eastern Europe and the U.S. Carter began this journey on her 2012 album Reverse Thread which was a re-imagined celebration of traditional African music. ...

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Reverse Thread

Regina Carter — Reverse Thread
Release date : May. 18, 2010
Label : E1 Music

One of the most beloved artists of her generation, preeminent violinist Regina Carter has achieved another landmark in a creative history that has yielded both artistic and commercial triumphs. ....

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I’ll Be Seeing You: A Sentimental Journey

Regina Carter — I’ll Be Seeing You: A Sentimental Journey
Release date : Jun. 13, 2006
Label : Verve

With I'll Be Seeing You: A Sentimental Journey violinist Regina Carter pays tribute to her late mother, Grace Carter, in a swinging journey through songs of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. ...

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Paganini: After A Dream

Regina Carter — Paganini: After A Dream
Release date : Apr. 22, 2003
Label : Verve

The title of this project is aptly-named. Regina Carter, a Detroit-born, classically-trained jazz violinist, traveled to Genoa, Italy in December, 2001, and performed on Paganini's legendary Guarneri violin nicknamed "the Canon." ...

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Regina Carter — Freefall
Release date : May. 15, 2001
Label : Verve

This is a wildly diverse set that shows off these two musicians' enormous talents to great effect. Freefall succeeds where other duet albums sometimes fail, thanks to its variety...

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Motor City Moments

Regina Carter — Motor City Moments
Release date : Sept. 26, 2000
Label : Verve Music Group

Blessed with a vibrant violin style that embraces everyone from Stuff Smith and Ray Nance to Jean-Luc Ponty, Regina Carter gives a swinging shout-out to her hometown, Detroit, on Motor City Moments.

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Rhythms of the Heart

Regina Carter — Rhythms of the Heart
Release date : May. 04, 1999
Label : Verve

Regina Carter definitely has a lot of room to run in the jazz world with the violin, an instrument that has been selected by relatively few for compelling reasons, including the sheer difficulty of mastering the contraption and the rigorous....

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Something for Grace

Regina Carter — Something for Grace
Release date : Jan. 01, 1997
Label : Atlantic

Regina Carter (who has a beautiful tone and a swinging style) is one of the top new jazz violinists of the 1990s, and the more memorable selections on this CD are so strong that they almost allow one to overlook the three throwaway pop/R&B songs....

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Regina Carter

Regina Carter — Regina Carter
Release date : Jan. 01, 1995
Label : Atlantic

For her debut recording as a leader, post-Straight Ahead violinist Regina Carter plays marvelously, improvises well, and has a tone that is typically soaring, clear, and at times mournful.

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